Kathy Answers A Question… When She First Discovered Her Creative Talents

When I was very young, I would go with my father to his machine shop next to the Bell Telephone Company. I have memories of gathering pieces of colorful wires from their scrap pile and sculpting animals and figures to give as gifts to his employees. Amazing … Continue reading

Product Development Team Travels to Asia

In early September the Primitives By Kathy product design team traveled across Asia for three weeks to explore new opportunities. The trip began in India then continued on to China. Over the course of a few weeks, the team learned more about manufacturing than they could have imagined and bonded closely. More than … Continue reading

Did you know that Kathy didn’t go to college?

Kathy graduated from Conestoga Valley High School in 1986. All through high school, she attended classes half of the day and spent the other half working for her brother’s company, Lancaster Archery Supply. She also worked for her father’s precision tool and die machine shop. Kathy and her mother opened a … Continue reading