Get Organized and Set Goals Now for 2016!

Congratulations! You’ve made it through another busy and successful year. Chances are you’ve spent so much time merchandising, ordering, selling, planning events and satisfying customers you haven’t had too much time to think about strategizing for the New Year. Now that the holidays are over and the … Continue reading

Small Is the Next BIG Story in Retail

The nation’s highest-potential shoppers are turning away from the mall and back to ‘Main Street’ By: Pamela N. Danziger Today’s retail environment is ripe for inspired, creative independent specialty retailers to prosper. The secret of success is the ability for them to know—really know—their customers and deliver … Continue reading

Attract and Retain Customers Through REWARD Programs

All of you that receive this newsletter are part of PBK’s Reward Program.  Our Class Act Partner Program is designed to recognize you as a top customer and reward you for your loyalty.  We build the personal side of the relationship with your dedicated sales rep that … Continue reading