Kathy’s Read of the Month – November 2014

giftbeatI have enjoyed sharing some of my favorite books with you. However, this month I want to be sure that you are all aware of a very interesting industry newsletter.

GIFTBEAT is a very valuable 8 page oversized newsletter, published 11 times a year. Their tag line is “Tracking the pulse of the gift industry” which pretty much says it all!

I read this very informative newsletter cover to cover each month. They have a nationwide network of storeowners who fill out monthly questionnaires. This enables them to report on what is trending up or down as well as hot new finds in the industry.

I can’t say enough about the value of the content to any independent gift store owner. If you aren’t a subscriber, be sure to view the sample issue online to see what I mean! There is a small yearly subscription fee, but well worth it! visit: www.giftbeat.com to learn more.

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