Product Development Team Travels to Asia

In early September the Primitives By Kathy product design team traveled across Asia for three weeks to explore new opportunities. The trip began in India then continued on to China. Over the course of a few weeks, the team learned more about manufacturing than they could have imagined and bonded closely. More than … Continue reading

Kathy’s Read of the Month – March 2015

Think About: By Andrea Syverson This book is another easy read, my usual preference since I only have small snippets of time to read. There are 77 creative prompts of innovative, verb-saturated examples that will help lead you to challenge yourself. Some of the verbs will make … Continue reading

“Kathy’s Product Development Process” compared to “Your Product Selection Process”

Written by Kathy Phillips When you read my explanation below, I have applied the word “development” to pertain to PBK, but when you read it a second time, apply the word “selection” to replace “development” and see how well these thoughts apply to your Product Selection Process. … Continue reading