Kathy’s Read of the Month – March 2015

BOOK-BIGThink About:
By Andrea Syverson

This book is another easy read, my usual preference since I only have small snippets of time to read. There are 77 creative prompts of innovative, verb-saturated examples that will help lead you to challenge yourself. Some of the verbs will make you stop, think, and work through how your store and product offerings could be improved. I have found it very thought provoking, and I am certain you will too!  A must read!!

A few of my favorite verbs from her book are:

  • Share – What about your products is conversation-worthy?  Can you add a feature or reconfigure some aspect of your product to make it easier for customers to be brand ambassadors and share stories?
  • Provoke – Might your products be able to be the launch pad to instigate something bigger for your brand?  Provoke a deeper conversation, cause, or mission?
  • Linger – Just how irresistible are  your products?  Does your overall product experience invite lingering?  What unusual product assortments or combinations might you create to entice your customers to linger longer?



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