Benefit Event at Schreiber Pediatric

Schrieber-bigBringing people together to lift each other up is a mission of life, and Primitives by Kathy is all about service to the community. In efforts to promote the spirit of volunteering, we have instituted a company-wide challenge that we like to call Family Fun Day. It’s where employees can earn a day off and $200 to enjoy with their family, in exchange for a commitment to a day of service within the community. We’ve coordinated with local community non-profits in need of volunteer time, and designated specific events where we as a company come together to serve.

Our first Family Fun Day was served on Valentine’s Day, 2015, at the Schreiber Pediatric Center here in Lancaster, PA, we loved every minute of it. Schreiber is one of just a few nationally accredited outpatient pediatric rehabilitation facilities in the entire United States. They specialize in pediatric therapy sessions for infants and children that maximize each child’s ability to function as independently as possible within the community.

In order to accomplish this immense undertaking, Schreiber is housed in a massive facility equipped with an array of exercise equipment, therapeutic toys and a pool. Employees at PBK spent the day cleaning, sanitizing, and wiping down everything from windows to pool showers, in order to get the space perfect for the wonderful smiling faces that will occupy it come that following Monday. We were all taken back by how amazingly friendly the staff was. They were ever so thankful to have a helpful hand.

All in all, our first ever Family Fun Day was a HUGE success!


Below are some of the comments our employees had about their experience.

“To be able to give back to an organization that is making such a difference within our community was a great experience!  I had fun working with the people I got to work with, and I would volunteer again in a heartbeat!!  Thanks for the opportunity to do so.”
Julia – Showroom

“I became acquainted with Schreiber Pediatric about 15 years ago when my friend’s nephew was a Schreiber kid and actually one of their ambassadors for a year.  Each year since, we’ve had a volleyball team, Alex’s Army, in the Schreiber Volleyball Fundraiser.  Alex is now a sophomore at Temple University.  He and his family attribute much of his success to the skills and confidence that Schreiber instilled in him growing up.  They are a wonderful organization!”
Deanna – Key Accounts

“The video made me cry!
What a wonderful opportunity; it was really an eye opener and made my soul want to give more than just cleaning for a couple of hours!
Many of us came home and researched their donation wish list and future events.
I would totally do it again!”
Charlene – Inside Sales

 “There are so many great things I could say about my day at Schreiber…exciting, hot, fun. Most of all, it was memorable. I didn’t know much about Schreiber before Saturday; honestly, I had never even known the building was there. I don’t usually show emotion too much, but the pre video we watched had my eyes watering from the start. I think this whole idea of volunteering is a good addition to PBK, I mean it can’t hurt anyone to do something for someone else EVER. It made my heart feel good knowing that those kids will go in on Monday morning to clean toys and sparkling windows! It may have seemed like a small thing to do what we did…”why do we have to clean…” but that meant the world to people there and that alone but a smile on my face. Looking forward to the next event…POWER ON PEOPLE, and thanks to Kathy for setting up these ongoing events!”
– Starr – Special Projects

“It was an experience that I would say I would do it all over again, even without an added incentive. There is no day off or cash value to partaking in an event like that. It was one of self-reward. The feeling you walk away with when the job was complete was more fulfilling than any. I told my husband it was the first Valentine’s I spent with a warm heart for someone I had never met! Those children are all so precious and deserve a little of everyone’s time!!”
Stephanie – Sales Rep Liaison

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