Kathy Answers A Question About… Backorders

Why is part of my order not in stock?

PBK has over 6,000 active items in the product line. It is very challenging to forecast the demand for all of these items. We do our best to look at sales history of like items to project the sales volume of new items. When an item does outsell our projection, we run into the situation of being “oversold” or “out of stock” temporarily until the subsequent shipments arrive. Another challenge in importing is the lead time for manufacturing as well as the container travel time.  Keep in mind that our goods are very hand-made, and production takes 50-70 days.  Also, the travel time from foreign port to our door is 30 days. Thus, it may take up to 100 days, in a worst-case scenario, for the item to come back in stock. We recently did some customer surveying, and we heard your concerns for better stock levels. We are doing our best to improve to support your success!

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