Humble Beginnings

Candle Box Small BIGCandleBox-FrontBelieve it or not, Primitives by Kathy started with a wooden candle box that Kathy assembled by hand in her basement. Even though resources were slim, Kathy realized a hole in the marketplace that perseverance allowed her to fill. With three designs, she managed to do $85,000 in sales at her first show at Market Square Valley Forge. Selling product that didn’t yet exist, Kathy now faced her first major dilemma. Scrambling for a solution, Kathy enlisted the help of a local Goodwill to assist her with the production of these light boxes. With her happy crew of beloved workers, Kathy was able to pull off this major victory, spearheading the start of her company. Kathy insists that these are her favorite moments of her career.

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