Come-Back Bucks – Store Promo

KathyCash-SMALLI am sure many of you have experienced this trick at larger retailers. Why not introduce a similar promo at your own store? The goal is to increase the number of times your customers visit your store.

You may have a very detailed Point of Sale system through which you can analyze how many times each of your customers visits the store. If you can capture this information in accurate data, this is the best way. If you don’t have a detailed system, you will have to make some guesses to this magic number of “how many times” does your average customer visit your store.  Once you define this number, you can determine your goal. Let’s use 4 times a year for this example.  So, if they are already coming in once every three months, we will want to design the promotion with the goal to get them to come in more often.

Give them a $5 come-back bucks coupon for every $25 they spend. These $5 bucks would have a valid date range of one entire month, beginning at the start of the following month. If they visited the store on April 15th, you could date the coupons valid May 1st – May 31st.  These come-back bucks should be conveniently sized to fit into a wallet or purse pocket.  The coupon will be a constant reminder of your store, and they will consider coming back to spend those bonus bucks.

Keep in mind that you can include some small print on the bucks that define the use of the bucks. For example, “you may use $5 on every $25 purchased when redeeming”. Thus, they can’t just come to the store to pick out something for the $15 worth of “bucks” that they have. Be sure to include all of your store contact info, website, etc. on the back of the buck!  This is a great, ongoing promotion to keep traffic coming back to your store more regularly!


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