Traveling to Market

IMain-Article-Email-Pict’s our favorite time of year at PBK. Twice a year, we are able to move away from our desks in the inside sales office and head out to the current gift markets. Many of our inside sales team, along with support employees, are heading to the Atlanta Market. It’s an opportunity to be able to meet with our customers in person and show off over 2500 new items.

Being prepared to handle business as usual while much of your staff is traveling can be a bit of a challenge. We have found that assigning duties and initiating cross-training is a great way to ensure our business runs smoothly in Inside Sales. Doing something nice for the employees that stay behind is also very helpful in keeping morale up while you are away and getting through a busy season with less hands.

As fun and exciting as it is to get away and see the new trends in person, staying connected with the people at home is still a top priority. Conference calls, emails and a quick check in call, daily, helps keep the pieces flowing properly. Be sure to recognize the efforts from the employees who are holding the fort down while you are planning and organizing your year.

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