The Enduring Power of Flowers

“I must have flowers, always, and always.”  – Claude Monet

French Impressionist painter Claude Monet understood the intrinsic beauty contained in a vibrant natural landscape, as well as its unmatched propensity to evoke feelings of wonder and peace in its observers. We feel that, Claude. We really do.

If you’ve seen our Botanical Collection  (check out our recent blog post here), you already know that we think plants and flowers are the bomb. And lucky for us, in the same way that Monet’s paintings remain highly esteemed today (thanks to nature, his muse), flowers never go out of style. Trends are constantly evolving, but the presence of floral motifs in the realms of art, fashion, and décor isn’t going anywhere. And what’s more, florals show up in one way or another throughout every single season, cluing us in on the changes about to occur in the weather and reminding us of the holidays that we are soon to celebrate.

At Primitives By Kathy, we recognize that there is a lot to love about flowers and so we offer an array of floral-inspired products in a variety of styles, using unique materials and textures that are sure to capture the attention of any and all of your customers. There is something for every person, every occasion, every season, and every holiday.

Keep scrolling to check out some of our favorites for 2019 (click on any of the photos below to see all of the featured items from this post on our website)!

Friendship Heart Gallery floral paintings rendered into block signs:

Ornaments, dish towels, and reverse box signs with dimensional fabric floral accents:

Textured pillows with stitched floral designs:

Wall décor with pocket slot for floral picks:

Embroidered linens:

Rustic floral dish towels, bins, plaque frames, and metal trays:

Dimensional felt floral accents on garlands, accent balls, magnets, block signs, and hanging signs:

Watercolor floral designs and patterns on chunky sitters, pedestal frames, and box signs and bins:

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