Trending: What’s the Buzz on Bees?

You likely already knew that without bees, there would be no beeswax or honey. And the trees and plants that provide us with breathtaking flowers and deliciously nutritious fruits and vegetables? They simply couldn’t survive without the pollinating powers that bees possess. But you may not have known that the bee population is dwindling rapidly due to a variety of factors, landing some species of these vitally important creatures a place on the endangered species list.*

Just for a moment, picture the way the scenery shifts from drab and dreary to lustrous and lively as winter fades out and spring bursts forth. Think of the way its yearly arrival drives away the winter blues and brings the promise of new life and growth and beauty. Can you imagine a spring where the trees don’t blossom and there are no budding flowers to speak of? Bees play an integral role in the reproduction of the plants, trees and flowers that constitute the lush vernal scenery that we wait for with anticipation each year. Without them, the advent of spring would signify nothing more than a temperature change.

Bees are important, and we believe they should be celebrated. So, following the typical two to three year trickle-down from high fashion, you’ll be seeing an abundance of bee motifs cropping up in the home décor and gift industry and Primitives by Kathy is thrilled with what we have to contribute to this trend! You’ll find throughout our catalog and website an array of bee-themed décor pieces and gifts in honor and celebration of these tiny-but-mighty insects. Featuring hand painted watercolor designs and textural elements, and, of course, the iconic black and yellow stripes, these items complement well with our Botanical collection to create a carefree vibe that is sure to have your customers buzzing!

Take a peek at a few of our favorites below (click any of the photos to see all featured items on our website):

Individual items sold separately. Great to display together for a cohesive spring vignette.


Placemats complement well with other kitchen items for a captivating spring table display.


A set of three canisters featuring watercolor designs and uplifting sentiments.


Metal serving tray makes a great addition to a spring table display.


One of many from our collection of cotton linen blend dish towels, this embroidered towel with whimsical bee and flower designs makes a perfect addition to a kitchen display.


This coated glass bee ornament features textured elements to add interest and can be displayed in any season.


Incorporate items featuring hand lettered sentiments and dimensional felt bee accents to add some flair to your display!


Inset box signs and chunky sitters help to create an effortless springtime display.


List notepads and magnetic memo holders make easy (and adorable!) gifts.


*For more information on the decline of the bee population, and to find out how you can help, visit Honeybee Conservancy.

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