In Dog We Trust

Dogs are people too (at least we like to think so), and we believe that man’s best friend deserves every ounce of appreciation and love that it receives, and then some! That’s why we have curated an ever-expanding collection of unique, irresistible pet items that are perfect for gifting, wearing, and decorating. What’s more is that the collection is loaded with pieces that are destined to be featured in an eye-catching, compelling, and cohesive in-store display that pet parents will go gaga over.

With that, here are three ways to help customers celebrate their furry friends:

  • Curate a display of breed-specific* pieces that make thoughtful gifts for pet-loving shoppers, like an assortment of totes, socks, stationery, stickers, magnets and charms.
  • Adorn your shop with an array of pet décor and functional items. With items like treat and toy bins, pet beds, wall décor, pillows, rugs, dish towels, Christmas décor, and more, there is sure to be something for everyone.
  • Encourage pet parents to dress their fur babies for success with a variety of pet accessories including bandanas, collar charms, leashes, and even matching charms for owners and pets.

Find the items featured in this post (and more!) in our 2019 Pet Catalog. That’s right–an entire catalog devoted to celebrating everything there is to love about furry friends.

*Breed-specific products can be found on pages 24-33, 64, 74-76, and 96-97 of the 2019 Pet Catalog!

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