Spotlight On: Terrazzo Texture

If you’ve been following design trends over the past several decades, you may recall the quirky Memphis trend of the 1980s. This trend was characterized by a juxtaposition of vibrant clashing colors, offbeat designs, abstract geometric shapes, and bold prints. One notable print from this trend? The speckled terrazzo texture.

At the advent of the Memphis trend, the terrazzo texture, which would historically only get your attention if you were staring at the floor, made the leap to furniture and décor—and we’re so glad it did! So in keeping with the theme of taking leaps, Primitives by Kathy has put our own unique spin on Memphis, branching out into textiles, paper products, cement decor, and more, and incorporating positive sentiments to encourage and inspire.

Our collection puts a spotlight on this versatile terrazzo texture with an elevated palette featuring flecks of various colors. This nature of the texture, with its combination of vibrant hues with more subdued shades, works to create a metaphorical bridge between multiple collections that might not otherwise complement one another. For instance, though the terrazzo products got their start as part of the wacky Memphis collection, the nature of the design has a transitional element that makes it easy to incorporate into a more traditional store. You’ll find touches of terrazzo throughout our modern Memphis collection, and even sprinkled throughout our classy Keep It Real collection!

So if you’re looking for a modern take on a vintage style, and a variety of versatile pieces, we’ve got just the collection for you!

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