Oh Baby!

There are approximately 250 babies born every single minute around the world. Put simply: that’s a lot of babies.

For quite some time, the arrival of new babies has inspired endless celebration–baby showers to attend for expectant mothers, milestones to celebrate as the baby grows–thus, the demand for a baby gifting market is timeless, and the gifting possibilities are endless! So with that in mind, we came together with Cathy Heck Studios to curate our highly versatile Happy & Bright Baby & Kids collection of giftable baby items including everything from sweet accessories and toys, to soft blankets and pillows, all designed to inspire, to bring comfort, and to create a safe haven for baby.
(These items will be featured in our 2019 Supplement!)

This collection allows customers the opportunity to choose gift items from five unique themes including Galaxy, Woodland, Under the Sea, Twirland Away We Go. Throughout these themes, they’ll find an array of products, from décor and toys, to functional items like bibs and blankets, all featuring toxin-free paint, safe textiles, and sustainable materials, with a focus on softness, comfort, and safety.

In addition to safety and practicality, we believe in creating a beautiful aesthetic. And while traditionally, gifts for new babies have been somewhat limited to a specific color scheme of “baby” pink and blue, our collection features these classic colors in richer hues with muted tones, along with the introduction of new shades that are we are ALL about. Featuring transitional elements, anchor neutral tones, popular animal iconography, and quality materials, items within the themes can even be mixed and matched to create a cohesive vibe.

If the products weren’t enticing enough on their own, many of these gifts come neatly wrapped in no fuss, shop-to-shower ready packaging to make it easy for shoppers to see and feel the product so they can feel confident about the purchase. And they can easily grab it and head right to a shower or birthday party!

Check out the Happy & Bright collection today!

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