Encore! Encore!

Cue the applause and standing ovations for the Twirl* theme from our Baby & Kids collection! With a variety of themed décor and gifts to encourage creativity and positive vibes, including items to commemorate recitals, emphasize a love of dance, and tote a young dancer’s gear to class, there are endless opportunities to spark joy.

So with that in mind, here are some suggestions for how to inspire young dancers and performers:

Gifts to celebrate recitals: While it’s often celebratory flower bouquets that are offered to performers following a show, this collection spotlights a variety of unique and nontraditional gifts like key chains with cards for handwritten notes, softies with note pockets, and more–all perfect for commemorating a young dancer’s big recital.

Decorate and personalize their space: We have just about everything needed to make a dancer’s dream room a reality. From shaped throw pillows and whimsical pillow cases, to sweet block signs, and adorable plaque frames to show their individuality.

Tote gear in style: A selection including drawstring bags (above right, below left), barrel bags, and duffels—all of which are just the right size for small hands to carry. Perfect for toting ballet slippers, water bottles and more.

So if you’re looking to celebrate the arts and add some whimsy to your store, check out the Twirl Collection today!

*All Twirl items can be found on pages 5-11 of the 2019 Supplement.

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