Taking Care of Business

We pour so much time into the intricacies of designing of our living rooms and bedrooms and kitchens—selecting the ideal color scheme, curating the perfect aesthetic with artfully selected throw pillows, décor and lamps, arranging everything just so—but there is one necessary and oft-frequented room that might easily be overlooked because it’s a little less exciting. But at Primitives by Kathy, we believe every space deserves to shine, so we bring you a collection designed to deck out…the bathroom!

Considering the amount of time spent in the bathroom on a daily basis, between bathing and hygiene, primping, and taking care of business, it only makes sense that the room should be a pleasant place to visit. And the potential lack of storage and high traffic for this particular room of the house also means the bathroom can quickly go from squeaky clean to a hot mess. To help keep the bathroom tidy, our collection provides a multitude of storage options, all crafted with quality materials and featuring amusing sentiments and friendly reminders about proper bathroom etiquette. And with neutral colors and designs, these pieces can easily be incorporated anywhere!

Below, you can check out just a few of these bathroom basics from our collection (click the links below each photo to find the items on the website!):

104763, 104762, 104764

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