When Kathy got a Donkey!

bubba 2010 #5You’ll never guess what the PBK employees bought Kathy for Christmas one year…

a miniature donkey!!!!   Many years ago, Kathy had a small farm she enjoyed with her family. She had many Jacob sheep on this small farm. The employees got a brilliant idea to buy Kathy a miniature donkey to add to the collection of sheep. The team gathered around the front of the warehouse and summoned Kathy from her office to join them. Someone read an adorable poem that ended in “so we bought you a donkey!”, and then the sounds of hooves came clip-clopping up the warehouse isle. He was adorned in one of those head bands with reindeer horns, and his hooves were painted with sparkle nail polish for the season. His name was Bubba. It was a sight to be seen! Kathy took him home to her fenced in backyard in the city limits for a week or two. She enjoyed walking him to the local Starbucks, stopping traffic along the way as people did double takes. He enjoyed his home at the farm for many years. When Kathy sold her farm, she found Bubba a great home at a local Amish tourist attraction where he has many visitors every day and a Jennie donkey to keep him good company!  Kathy has a lifetime pass to the attraction and visits him monthly!


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