What keeps your customers coming back?

Customer-BigAs competition rises in the retail world, how do you keep your customers coming back? As a wholesale company, we ask ourselves this every day. We have some tips and tricks that we use that can easily be incorporated into your own businesses.

It is more than price and selection. One of the loudest tips we have on customer retention is employees. Hiring passionate, engaged employees will deliver tons of loyalty and exceptional customer service. When your employees are inspired by where your company is headed, they become brand ambassadors who can connect the story with excitement, confidence, and trust to all your customers.

Keeping in touch is another great way to keep your customers walking back in your door. Gather data on your customers easily with a spreadsheet or data base. Call on them, send them thank you cards, and direct your personal store marketing to them.  Be sure they don’t miss out on the next big sale or event that you are offering. Use any excuse that you can to keep your company on the top of their mind.

No matter if your customer spent $1.00 or $1,000, always show your appreciation. As you know, your customers can choose from any competitor. Your customer may have chosen you for your pricing or reputation, and it is important to let them know how thankful you are for their business. Thank them every time for choosing you.

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