Uncharted Territory

There are things we’ve come to expect over the course of a normal year—seasons changing, various holidays and their corresponding celebrations, students returning to school at the end of summer break—but we don’t have to tell you that this year has been anything but normal. As August comes to a close, we’re wrapping up a socially distanced summer characterized by mask mandates, sheltering-in-place, and working from home rather than hugs from loved ones, backyard barbecues, and crowded concerts. The circumstances have been far from ideal for many and outside the realm of our control, but as we shift into the fall season and continue to navigate this uncharted territory, we’ve found it helpful to focus on what we can control.

If the way the summer went is any indication of how the fall will be, we can prepare ourselves for the possibility that our holiday traditions and gatherings will look a little different this year. What we know is that regardless of whether or not our holiday gatherings get to carry on as normal, there are endless opportunities to find unique new ways to celebrate together. It’s still important to curate spaces that are warm and inviting, where we can create new traditions while we’re at home with family. So keep your spirits up–carve pumpkins, put up your holiday décor, make use of those fire pits, and look for small ways to practice gratitude through the coming months. We’ll get through this together.


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