New in 2020

The recent release of our 2020 Supplement and 2020 Pet catalogs means two things: brand new collections to introduce, and expansions on existing collections with tons of new products for you and your customers to love. Here, we’ll highlight some of the items we are particularly excited about so that you can join in on the fun.

In the Supplement Catalog

Brand New Collections!

Celebrating love in all its forms, this brand new collection boasts the rainbow colors of the well-known Pride flag in updated dusty tones. With textiles featuring fringe and tassel accents, funky embroidery, and cording elements, as well as trendy décor and stationery, there is just so much to love.

There’s no need to wax poetic when it comes to this brand new collection of items that truly speak for themselves. Jar candles featuring rejuvenating scents, three wood wicks, and 26 hours of burn time, plus new styles of inset box signs including patterned elements and beautifully penned poems.

Mismatched socks: No match? No problem! Each of these pairs of intentionally mismatched socks features two unique yet complementing designs, making them great conversation starters.

Spatulas: Double-sided, silicone spatulas feature wooden handles with laser cut logos and a drilled hole for easy hanging. Heat resistant up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Hand wash only. Pair with kitchen sets for a fantastic host(ess) gift.

Games: We are really excited about this (If you couldn’t tell from our Supplement cover). Our vibrantly colored wood burned designs have taken the leap from box signs and dish towels to charming game boards, travel/yard/desk games, playing cards, and more.

Box sign minis: Honey, I shrunk the box signs! Smaller in size but just as much to love with relatable hand lettered sentiments.

Holiday: We’ve added to our selection of hand lettered wine glasses in include designs for Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Floral Camo: Classic camo takes on a feminine twist with delicate florals, rosy tones, and gold foil accents on everything from totes and water bottles to block signs and stationery.

Take a walk on the wild side with these fresh designs from the Friendship Heart Gallery, featuring animal imagery and nature-themed designs on fresh product bodies! We’re introducing new stationery sets, as well as playing cards with double-sided designs (and packaged in a clear, protective case!).

We’ve got brand new rug designs intended for indoor or sheltered outdoor use, perfect for welcoming guests. Additionally, we’re introducing high-quality, double-sided garden flags to add a personal touch to a yard or garden.

2020 is the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife and we have everything you need here to celebrate and thank these hardworking health professionals. We’re also introducing a few more wearable items! Introducing t-shirts (in sixes S-2XL), and adjustable baseball caps, so you can take your favorite sentiments with you wherever you go.

An array of retro bathroom items, new ornaments, angel chunky sitters, and vintage style journals featuring designs from real old books.

New themes including plaid, featuring classic designs for a cozy vibe, and buffalo check, featuring black and white patterns for a versatile holiday aesthetic that works year-round. You’ll find additions to Rustic, Gnomes, Retro, and Moody, and we’re also introducing Wreath Kits that you can change out with the seasons to add a personal touch to a plain wreath, or display alone.

In the Pet Catalog*

*Click here for all pet items.

Eye-catching Dog Park and Cat Lady themed designs on pet beds, bins, dish towels, etc.; fillable pet toys for dogs and cats.

We got the hint! You want more cat stuff and we are eager to deliver. You’ll find dish towels with delicate cat embroidery, plus Block Print cat themed designs on dish towels, stationery, socks, pet mats, etc. We’re also adding breed specific ornaments and mugs, as well as new pet mat designs and a selection of canvas pet toys.

An array of pillows, dish towels, chunky sitters, and more!

Introducing breed-specific designs on stand-ups and spiral notebooks.

New in Fall and Christmas

We’ve added some bandanas, toys, rugs, leashes, stockings, and collar charms.

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