Primitives by Kathy Receives Top Ranks for Humorous Cards, Home Decor, and Gifts

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Humorous Home Décor and Gifts

Primitives by Kathy is proud to be recognized in the most recent rankings from Giftbeat, which tracks the top 10 vendors in over 50 product categories by communicating with 300 reporting stores across the country. As a wholesale gift and décor company, we value feedback from our customers and are thrilled to see you connecting with the passion in our products. In this month’s rankings, Primitives by Kathy was ranked as a top-selling supplier for humorous greeting cards, stylish journals & notebooks, and light-hearted home décor. Continue reading to check out some of our best-selling designs in each category.

Humorous Greeting Cards

Primitives by Kathy wholesale greeting cards are an ideal add-on to any gift purchase. No need to wait for a special occasion or specific holiday, many of our wholesale greeting card options are perfect for any moment a customer needs to present a personal message. Our wholesale greeting cards are high quality, affordable, and made in the USA. Retail partners called out our humorous greeting cards when voting, and you can explore some examples below from our best-selling Trash Talk collection.

Trash Talk Greeting Cards

Our Trash Talk collection features a large selection of best-selling greeting cards and coordinating gifts flaunting vintage black and white photos perfectly paired with sassy sentiments that aren’t afraid to say it all. With over 100 greeting card options to choose from, you’ll never run out of ways to inspire a tongue-in-cheek smile. Below are some of our top selling Trash Talk greeting cards.

Still Got It Greeting Card
Golden Years Greeting Card
Happy 29th Birthday Greeting Card
Old Fart Greeting Card
That Age Greeting Card

Coordinating Trash Talk Gifts

We also offer kitchen towels, spatulas, and more with our best-selling Trash Talk style. These items pair perfectly with a Trash Talk greeting card to create a gift that keeps the laughs coming. Explore some of our gift options below.

Stay Safe Eat Cake Kitchen Towel
How To Turn Water Into Wine Kitchen Towel
A Busted Can Of Biscuits Kitchen Towel
Your Opinion Is Not Part Of The Recipe Spatula
Trash Talk Playing Cards

Fun Home Décor | Box Signs and Kitchen Towels

Primitives by Kathy has a large selection of wholesale home décor to tie any room together. Our variety of home décor ideas supplements any style creating countless display options for small home décor as well as everyday items. Retail partners voted us a top-selling supplier of fun and whimsical home décor and specifically mentioned our selection of decorative signs and kitchen towels. Add character to any space with the unique designs of our box signs featured below, as well as kitchen towels that bring functional style to the kitchen. Continue reading to learn about some of our best-selling designs.

Primitives By Kathy Signature Box Signs

Primitives by Kathy is known for our box signs and the sentiments that make them stand out. Our box sign style collection offers a huge selection of relatable sentiments covering many different topics. There’s something for everyone, and below are some bestsellers showing off the variety you can expect.

Did I Roll My Eyes Out Loud? Box Sign
OMG My Mother Was Right Box Sign
Aim Will Help Box Sign
Roast Marshmallows Box Sign
I Wonder If Beer Thinks About Me Box Sign

Box Sign Styles

In addition to our classic black and white box sign style, Primitives by Kathy offers high-quality natural wood box signs in a variety of styles that match any room of the house. Below you will find best-selling box signs displaying inset frames, slat wood details, tile accents, and more.

Beware Of Wigglebutts Box Sign
Half Bath Inset Box Sign
How Do I Take My Coffee Seriously Box Sign Mini
My Favorite Pain Box Sign
Kitchen Closed This Chick Has Had It Box Sign
We Will Serve Tacos Inset Box Sign

Humorous Kitchen Towels

Easily add some humor to the kitchen with our absorbent kitchen towels displaying colorful and fun designs. You’ll find everything from unique hand illustrations and sassy sentiments to textured details and more.

Every Bite I'll Be Watching You Kitchen Towel
Deserves A Good Rub Kitchen Towel
Kitchen Closed This Heifer's Had It Kitchen Towel
Walk Into A Barbeque The End Kitchen Towel
I Love You Berry Much Kitchen Towel
Dock the Boat Kitchen Towel

Stylish Journals & Notebooks

Finally, retail partners voted us a top-selling wholesaler for stylish journals and notebooks. Primitives by Kathy offers a wide variety of notebook designs for both everyday and seasonal use. Below you can check out some of our best-selling journals and notebooks that customers love to get and give. Take notice of the range of options in each category including spiral notebooks and leather-bound journals.

Stylish Spiral Notebooks

Note taking doesn’t have to be boring. Give customers the option to spice up their daily tasks with high quality spiral notebooks displaying uplifting original art and inspirational sentiments. Below are some of our best-selling spiral notebooks.

Be Happy Spiral Notebook
Little Things In Life Spiral Notebook
Bumble Bee Spiral Notebook
You Got This Floral Spiral Notebook
Grow Through What You Go Through Spiral Notebook
Live Your Best Life Spiral Notebook

Various Journals

Whether it’s for work, creativity, or journaling, we have the notebook that will fit someone’s personal style. Here are some of our best-selling journals and notebooks featuring leather, canvas, velvet, and more unique accents.

Bee Journal
Dream Journal
Indigo Scroll Journal
You Can Do This Journal
Good Things Are Going Journal

Thank you to everyone who thought of Primitives by Kathy when deciding who was your preferred supplier of home décor and gifts. For all of our best-selling items, visit our shop as well as new arrivals to see what’s trending. We’re always exploring new trends and partnering with amazing artists to add to our growing catalog of proven sellers that are sure to delight and inspire your customers. We hope you discover new ways to capture their interest!

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