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On average, people spend 90,000 hours of their lives at work. That’s a lot of desk time, depending on the career. With so much time spent in their office or at their desk, it’s important to consumers to create a space that’s truly theirs where they also feel motivated. We also can’t forget all of the students going back to school in the upcoming weeks! So what exactly are people looking for in their desk décor?

In previous years, the market trend for office and desk décor was more heavily dominated in sarcastic and humorous gifts. Now, it has shifted towards more inspiring, uplifting, and motivating sentiments.

With this shift towards mindfulness, wellness, and rekindled desire to bring nature indoors, décor and gifts are also influenced to create an aesthetic with natural materials, greenery, and florals taking the forefront. This décor trend stemmed from the spike in interest we’ve seen with indoor botanical gardens, succulents, and floral-inspired home accents, so it’s only natural that it’s making its way into office and desk spaces.

Office décor as a gift does tend to be based more on self-expression and personality as it relates to the recipient. Whether it’s an encouraging sentiment, a favorite illustrated animal, or fresh florals to brighten a first office space, the art is usually the driver for the purchase. Desk décor that adds personality in the form of box signs and wall art are popular, and there’s also desire for functional décor, as minimalism and clean work spaces are preferred. With the rising desire for décor with a purpose, we’ve combined art and function and have introduced desk organizers, ceramic planters, and book ends into our line to add personality and help organize. We can’t forget to mention notebooks, list notepads, magnets, and mini art easels that cohesively tie collections together. We also love the idea of using our new enamel pins on a corkboard in place of standard push pins to add instant character!

In terms of merchandising your store, set up a vignette. Combine and pair easy-to-purchase items to create a cohesive look. A quick and easy display on a flat surface of a mug, block sign, and ceramic planter or trinket tray makes it easy for those searching for giftable accents to create a set. It also helps a new graduate add some personality of their own into their space, as self-gifting when starting a new job or moving into an upgraded office is a growing trend too!

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