Spotlight On: Wine Bottle Accessories

Wine-lovers, rejoice!

In recent years, there has been a boom in wine sales. With that growth in mind, we’ve decided to take advantage of this surge and provide consumers with playful accessories that pair well with their favorite bottle of merlot.

First and foremost, our collection of wine bottle socks are gaining a lot of attention. Some styles express everyday personality, while others celebrate a specific occasion, season, or holiday. All are perfect for gifting to a party host, especially given the fact they come with tags to personalize with a handwritten note. An added bonus feature to these styles, aside from using them as gift bags, is they’re great for slipping on empty bottles as seasonal décor pieces too, which will drive customers to purchase more than one (one for a friend and one for them) and also come back for more!

Speaking of decorating with empty wine bottles, customers are also drawn to our wine bottle lights. Including a brushed metal topper, two of our best-selling styles come in either warm white or interchanging multi-colored lights to create a unique, glowing ambience in any space. They’re fun to merchandise and we even have light display kits that come ready and neatly packaged as an easy countertop add-on purchase.

In addition to gifting a bottle of wine to a host via bottle sock, we also have chic wine bottle accessories in a variety of fabrics. Our personal favorite are the luxe velvet tote bags and bottle tags that feature embroidered sentiments in charming color palettes. And as always, wooden bottle tags add character and charm, while cork holders are great for wine-lovers to collect and display all their hard work!

With the holidays right around the corner, wine accessories will be a sought-after product class as consumers’ calendars start to fill with events (and wine) to be shared with friends and family.

We’ll cheers to that!

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