Spotlight On: Accessories with Personality

Gifting is always on our minds, and to us, the more personal the better. That’s why every season, we continue to expand our assortment of hand-illustrated designs that speak to just about anyone! For any occasion and any personality, we’ve thought of it all with our ever-evolving line of socks, bottle socks, pin, and patches.

Accessories with personality and character are the perfect gifts, and pairing them together makes for quick, easy-grab gifts at point of sale. Featuring eye-catching color and bold illustrations with character, they’re totally relatable and will bring smiles to your customers’ faces.

Our collection of pins and patches are ready to be gifted as is; they’re all packaged on thoughtfully-coordinated cards with room on the back for a handwritten note, making them both a card and a charming gift rolled into one product! Most designs come in both styles, so customers can purchase each as a set for the receiver to wear one on their jacket and one on their bag. Or, customers may purchase two of the same style with one in mind for themselves so they each share the accessory.

It’s no secret our knit socks have been a hit since their release, so not only are we constantly coming up with fresh and new designs all the time, but we’ve also morphed them into bottle socks as a unique alternative to traditional gift bags. Instead of going to their next dinner or party with a bottle of wine in a paper bag for the host, customers can purchase a bottle sock for a more personal touch. Our favorite bottle socks are those that feature cocktail recipes…talk about a party pleaser! Plus, each bottle sock comes with a gift tag card, making them even more ideal for gifting.

The holidays and Christmas are right around the corner, so don’t forget about seasonal Bottle Socks to gift to the host!

Customers will ultimately buy these accessories with gifting in mind, just as intended, but there’s always the possibility they’ll purchase some styles for themselves. How can they not when there’s something for everyone?

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