Stationery Merchandising That (Literally) Doesn’t Fall Flat

From notepads and journals, to assorted stickers and magnets, we’ve got everything you need when it comes to stationery. Fresh new stationery products are abundantly exciting, but we also recognize that the task of merchandising them in an effective manner comes with its own set of challenges. So if your efforts to merchandise stationery in your store have historically fallen flat (literally), we are here to tell you that you are not alone.

In a recent article from Gifts & Decorative Accessories, stationery retailers were asked to share some tips of the trade, and one woman commented on the particular challenge of displaying stationery due to its relatively flat nature. She then added “one way we work around this is by always adding height[…].” At Primitives by Kathy, we totally agree, and we know just how to help! We have created our very own tiered display rack designed to hold assorted stationery products, making them more shoppable than ever. Our stationery display can comfortably fit 75 list notepads, or you can mix and match products for a more diverse selection (e.g. combine list notepads with memo pads, journals, etc). And to sweeten the deal—with every stationery display purchase, we’ll give you eight free list notepads to put in the display. It’s almost too good to be true.

Empty Stationery Display

Fits 75 list note pads or a combination of stationery products.



In addition to the stationery display, we’ve designed a rack to effectively display our stickers and flat magnets. Because our stickers and magnets, and other stationery items, are part of cohesive collections that may include larger dimensional items as well, many of our customers have actually purchased multiple displays to set up throughout their stores. This is a highly effective way to maximize visibility for the products. Both of these displays are intentionally small enough to fit on a tabletop as well, making them perfect to perch by the register to inspire last minute impulse purchases, or to integrate with coordinating products to create a cohesive vibe (and encourage a sale!).

Empty Sticker/Magnet Rack

Slots are wide enough for 8 of each sticker and/or 6 of each magnet.

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Stationery Display can be filled entirely with
list note pads, or can fit assorted stationery items.

Click on either photo (above or right) to purchase Stationery Display.

Stationery can do well alone, or can be paired with
coordinating products to create a cohesive aesthetic.

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Click on photo to see our entire Pet Collection.
Click on photo to see our entire Pet Collection.

Stickers display beautifully with coordinating
products like block signs and dish towels.

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Click on photo to see our entire Woodburning Collection.

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