July’s 2015 PBK WOW!


Dearest Kathy – I’ve been meaning to write you for a while now, but having had yet another wonderful exchange with my very devoted sales rep Kaylin, bright and early this Monday morning, I felt the need well enough to take a moment, sit down & express my appreciation once and for all.

I know I am probably not telling you anything you don’t already know, but Kaylin is, in my humble opinion, a very devoted representative for and to both of our companies.  She is, by far, the best sales rep I have ever had the privilege of dealing with in my 16 years in business.  Her attention to detail, willing and giving spirit, tireless dedication to our P by K account details, and timely response – all while maintaining a level of professionalism – these things don’t go unnoticed by this P by K Partner!  She is nothing other than a pleasure to deal with and always does what she can to solve the occasional problem, help with a question – or deal with whatever menial question or task I throw at her!!  Her vibrant smile and willing attitude comes through the phone lines and via email loud and clear – she is a joy to deal with and in my humble opinion, an asset to your wonderful company.

My appreciation not only extends to Kaylin for her dedication to my business, but to you as well.  Like my feelings of appreciation re: Kaylin, this acknowledgement too, is long overdue:  I know my business overall is a success today due in LARGE part to your company.  You really know how to take care of your customers – inventive products and quality at a fair price, unheard-of incentives (Partners program, dating and freight promos, etc).  So many of my other suppliers have a rather dismissive attitude – like they could care less whether you order their products and God-forbid you get help with a question or concern.  That has never been the case with your company and I feel remiss in not having expressed my appreciation of this fact much sooner!  (Please forgive me!).  I love coming to the shows and seeing you occasionally working the sales floor.  It’s such a novelty in this day and age that someone as successful as you are, is still willing to get her hands “dirty” in this way.  It is inspiring.  I love your product mix – even though ours is really in no way a “primitive” or country-type store, your items always do well for us and I look forward to many more years of partnering with you!!

So, from this little small business owner whose success in large part is due to her partnership with yours, please let me say THANK YOU Kaylin & Kathy for making us feel appreciated and helping us succeed!!

All the best,
Jennifer @ Signature Pieces
Egg Harbor, WI

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