It’s time to start thinking about Fall and Halloween!

HALLOWEEN-BIGDrive traffic with curbside appeal and visual displays.
Call attention to your shop before your customer even comes through the door by displaying hay bales, ceramic pumpkins, scarecrows, and of course fabulous box signs to invite customers into the store and give your outside an inviting look.

As you prepare your indoor displays, think about how it will be viewed by customers of every height, and make sure your displays are fun and engaging. Accentuate your displays with new LED box signs, twig lights or lighted pumpkins. And don’t be afraid to add in rakes, gourds, empty crates, or any other prop that will grab your customer’s attention.

The key to messaging? Promote a theme!
While planning your event try to think of fun, catchy and creative titles. It’s common to see, the word SALE, but think about how much more excitement is generated through titles like “Midnight Madness” or “Fall Frenzy.” Add a special discount structure along with your event for even greater impact.

Wake up the senses to better sales.
Make shopping a multi-sensory experience for your customers. Dress up your staff in full Halloween costumes, play holiday or event themed music, wake up the senses by using your toaster oven to bake cookies. Fill your crockpot with apple cider and cinnamon sticks. Your store will smell great and you’ll have treats for your customers.

It all starts with a great product selection.
Make sure to have your store well stocked with exciting, new products for your customers to buy. Draw customers to your displays with LOL towels in fun fall colors, new spooky signs from Dan Di Paolo and fun Halloween pillows.

A final thought.
Keep it fun and engaging, and make your customer’s shopping experience enjoyable so they want to come back often. Never forget, if you are having fun, your customers will be having fun too!

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