August’s 2015 PBK WOW!

WOWDear Kathy,

We would like to take this opportunity to WOW the WHOLE PBK bunch!  We cannot tell you how blessed we feel to be a part of your team!  Everyone at the show was welcoming, helpful and kind. It is so great to put a face with name.

To the customer service team who stayed in PA while the show was going on, we thought about you, and you were in our hearts.  You kept things going “Back at Home!”  We kept wishing we could meet you too!  One day!

To any of the “Behind the Scenes” Team, all the little extras NEVER go unnoticed or appreciated. Your reward will be GREAT!

A shout-out to Stephanie who goes above and beyond with the Reps! She is always there to help us in any way she can! We feel we have been given the tools to succeed!

Kathy, thank you for your vision, and ALWAYS dreaming BIG! It all began with YOU!

Our words of gratitude could never be enough to properly thank you ALL!  Just know, that when we think of PBK we think of a quote we saw:

“Work Hard and Be Nice.”
That is ALL of YOU!


Ed and Abbi Forney
Love & Associates

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