UDS Service Dog Graduation

At Primitives by Kathy, we believe in the power of passion and the value of hard work, maintaining that true success is realized when we give back to our communities. Guided by these principles and our mission statement: “Combining our passion for creativity with our culture of caring,” we are inspired to partake in various philanthropic efforts to support our local community.

Two such efforts we make to practice this “culture of caring” include sponsorship for United Disability Services (UDS) service dogs, and donating 100% of the proceeds from a special Benefit Box Sign directly to UDS. The Service Dogs program provides service dogs to individuals with mobility disabilities and autism to allow them to live more independently, as well as placing facility dogs in therapy offices, child advocacy centers and school districts around Lancaster and York counties. In addition, they offer an owner-trained service dog program that provides individuals with the tools to find a puppy and train it in their own home to assist the owner or a loved one.

The puppies in the service dog programs begin their journey at just eight weeks old and go through several different phases of training and socialization over about two years before being assigned to a client. Earlier this month we had the privilege of watching two of our sponsored pups, Kato and Kiwi, graduate from their training program! We are so excited to see the impact they are going to make with the clients they’ll serve.

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