The Season of Gratitude.

PresentsThe season of gratitude is quickly approaching. That could be Thanksgiving, but when we all pause to think of what we are thankful for in our lives, maybe Christmas is a better time to focus on those around us.

Help your customers remember all the people that make their life easier! I personally LOVE giving gifts to those that don’t expect anything;  the pet sitter, the cleaning lady, the paper boy, and the guys that fix your car! Design some great signage and gather some simple affordable gifts in a featured display to promote these gift buys. Maybe even offer a promo – buy FIVE get one FREE!    Be sure to include the fine print that the least expensive gift is free. Offer free gift wrapping, it’s a great service that will surely be appreciated by your customers!

Don’t forget to post a photo of your signage and display on your website and social media.

My personal absolute favorite gift giving is to the guys that collect the trash each week at my home. I buy them something they can share and I listen for the truck at 5am on a Thursday morning close to Christmas. I run out to put the gift on top of the trash can with big bows and watch from inside as they open the gift! So fun to share unexpectedly and know you brightened someone’s day!

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