Take Note: The Perseverance of the Hand Written Word

It’s no secret that the limited stationery options that were available for a very long time left much to be desired. They were all function and no fun–but no more! It is time to say goodbye to those dull yellow sticky notes and blasé legal pads, and say hello to bright colors, vibrant designs, and trending icons that make all sorts of daily tasks a little more bearable.

If you’ve ever received a hand written note or greeting card, you understand the power of the written word. The happy feels and the human touch that accompany hand written letters is simply irreplaceable. Luckily for us, the market for stationery is thriving despite the gradual shift away from analog means of communication and toward digital methods.

We do not anticipate products such as journals, notebooks and notepads, greeting cards, and planners becoming obsolete any time soon. In fact, in 2017, consumers shelled out $210 million on various notebooks alone*. And with a huge digital platform like Instagram featuring photos of curated workspaces** highlighting various stationery items and reminding viewers of how much fun stationery can be, the outlook for continued stationery sales remains strong.

So, while the irony of an online post about the importance of the hand written word is not lost on us, we stand by it because in this era, success depends on the coexistence of both digital and analog means of communication. Our goal is to shine a well-deserved spotlight on a market that has endured a facelift over the last several years and to show our customers what we have to contribute.

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*from npd.com article
**from wgsn.com trend report

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