Spotlight On: Indigo

A palette of indigo and white has far exceeded being just a trend. Fresh, relaxing, and versatile, this color story is here to stay. The styles it can be found in, however, are constantly evolving. To give an update to this tried and true color scheme, we’ve created exciting, new designs using different dyeing and printing methods across a variety of body types for every room in your customers’ homes.

Here, we’ll walk you through each unique indigo style and everything we have to offer to get you (and your patrons) inspired!


Dating all the way back to the 8th century, this Japanese dyeing technique involves organic folding, twisting, and binding of cloth before dyeing it in indigo. The binds cause the fabric to resist, resulting in areas of unique white patterns.

While shibori was traditionally used for tapestries, we’ve applied this artisanal element to dimensional wall planters, pillows, dish towels, and other everyday accessories. These distinctive patterns paired with dori stitched sentiments and tassel details add more interest and textural characteristics.


Our designs have been replicated from handmade mudcloth created by the use of traditional mediums such as mud, flour, and wax to achieve their resist dye patterning.

In this particular medium, our mudcloth placemats, table runner, and dish towels are perfect for hosting and give an unexpected update to traditional table linens. You can get creative merchandising these pieces, pairing them with simple, white dinnerware, or with more punchy and vibrant plate settings for a lively table display. (Solid yellow or red would look great with the cool tones of the indigo!)


As for our cyanotype designs, each image is created by exposure to natural sunlight and the hand-placed arrangement of botanicals on light-sensitive paper to create original artwork. Fun fact; we created these originals with botanicals found locally in Lancaster, PA!

From slat wood box signs with metal additions to dish towels with tassel and dori stitched details, cyanotype offers an innovative way to incorporate floral prints in a palette that can complement well with a variety of existing décor styles.

Of course, there’s so much more to explore and intermix in our indigo collection, but we’re so excited to introduce and speak to these original designs and their techniques. We’re confident that your customers will love this fresh take on a forever-trending favorite!

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