In-Store Styling: Creating a Bohemian-Chic Holiday Mantel

In-Store Styling:

Creating a Bohemian-Chic Holiday Mantel

You may have noticed from our 2018 Supplement Catalog that we’re giving Christmas a bohemian twist this year. With new trends come new tips on how to merchandise in order to inspire your customers and give them a vision they can replicate in their homes. Don’t get us wrong, we still love traditional Christmas décor, but we also felt inspired to create a totally new and refreshing color story that’s equal parts unexpected as it is on-trend. It’s resulted in styles that are curated, can be collected, and are totally sought after, and we’re so excited to pass on these designs to you and your business! Whether your customers pick up a few styles or go for the full aesthetic, we’ve got you covered on how to style a chic in-store holiday mantel!

What’s so wonderful about this boho-chic Christmas collection is you can mix and match anything, no matter the texture or silhouette, and it’ll still be a cohesive display. You can have some fun intermixing styles together for a Christmas mantel like no other, so let’s get started!

Begin by adding a main statement piece to catch the eye and spark interest above the mantel that will ultimately tie the entire display together. A textured, multi-colored pom wreath or woven wall hanging is perfect for the job.

Next, this collection features different kinds of felt garlands, both decorative and functional in the form of a unique advent countdown. Draw the eye down to the surface by layering and draping some from corner to corner, and use others to lay on top of the mantel to fall off the sides. Make sure to hang the advent garland where people can realistically interact with it.

On the mantel itself, incorporate stand-up velvet trees juxtaposed with patterned ceramic, yarn-wrapped, and glitter trees, all of varying sizes for a forest full of color, shimmer, and shine. Whether you group them together or place across the mantel with some towards the front edge and others closer to the wall to add dimension is entirely up to you. Get creative and have some fun with it! The key is to show customers all of the possibilities.

It isn’t a true Christmas mantel without stockings; the perfect finishing touches! From velvet to indigo and kantha to mudcloth, create an eclectic stocking display by alternating styles that will interplay with the garlands. Our indigo stockings are great to combine with these bohemian designs, so perhaps an indigo-themed merchandise display just so happens to be nearby? (Hint, hint.)

This Bohemian Christmas collection breathes new life into the holidays, especially for customers who are seeking something refreshing and exciting. The possibilities are endless, and we hope these tips will help you get started in creating a boho-chic mantel display that your customers will instantly be drawn to, and buy!

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