Spotlight On: Fresh Fall Palettes

When you think of fall, you typically think of orange, yellow, brown, and other earthy tones.


It’s time for new color schemes that excite and invigorate the season. This year, we’ve released collections with fresh color stories (remember our recent Boho Christmas line?), while also sticking close to what’s trending. It’s been no different for fall!

Giving the season an updated look, we’ve combined muted greens with grays, whites, and creams, along with touches of naturally-stained wood. This more elevated palette is perfect as a complement to a wide range of existing décor styles, making them more appealing to customers.

Cream with neutral metallic tones also make for a sophisticated scheme, as well as combining metals with wood, jute rope, and cement for varying elements. And of course, we’ve stood by traditional palettes in our line of velvet styles; we’ve just added splashes of grays and other neutrals, along with pom details and textured embroidery to breathe new life into what’s tried and true.

Halloween is also getting a color story makeover this year. Combining classic black and white with metallic gold and deep violet give the holidays a luxe look that still sets the mood for a spooky ambience. Customers are sure to love this updated palette, as it’s refreshing and chic in comparison to the standard orange and black they’re used to (and possibly bored of).

It’s always so exciting to introduce new colorways and see them unfold, especially because they’re almost always unexpected and spark customer intrigue. If you and your customers have loved what 2018 has brought by way of new color stories, just wait until you see what we have in store for 2019!

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