An Ode to Best-Selling Box Signs

A few weeks ago, we published our top 10 best-selling novelty socks because who doesn’t enjoy knowing what specific styles customers love the most? Our line of LOL – Made You Smile socks are a fan favorite product, but this week, we wanted to acknowledge the best sellers in another tried and true body type: box signs.

Our timeless black and white box signs are one of our signatures, so if you’re curious to know exactly which ones perform best among customers, scroll down to find out!

A heartfelt gift for long distance friendships.


The perfect daily reminder to automatically start each day on the right foot.


Plan A is always best, but have a pretty extraordinary Plan B.


Truer words have never be spoken.


The best of drinking buddies.


Just so visitors know where they stand.


A sweet sentiment to surprise loved ones with an exciting new family title.


No need to justify basic necessities!


Make her day with this heartfelt box sign instead of a traditional card!


A humorous sentiment for customers’ kitchen or bar when they host family and friends.


A genuine daily reminder to remember what’s most important.


The sincere alternative to a traditional gift card to make her day!


Ranging from pets and alcohol to loving sentiment and that of humor, these best-selling box sign styles are equally charming and smile-worthy, so it’s easy to understand their customer appeal!

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