Spotlight On: Christmas Traditions

The best part about Christmas are the timeless traditions, from setting out milk and cookies (and carrots for the reindeer) on Christmas Eve, to finding the hidden pickle in the tree on Christmas morning. Traditions range far and wide, and are derived from a variety of influences. Some are invented and special among individual families, while others are more well-known and popular.

At Primitives by Kathy, we love traditions of all kinds, so we wanted to produce brand new interactive Christmas-specific styles that your customers’ families will love and will want to start incorporating this year for years to come. The following ideas are best with young children while they still have imagination, but don’t forget about all of our advent calendars and block countdowns too!

We all know that children love to ask questions. One that I always asked growing up was how can Santa Claus enter our house when our home didn’t have a chimney? How did he get in? Of course, my parents creatively answered me (which, as an adult, I can now admire their quick-thinking), but we have something special for this exact type of inquisitive kid! Meant to be hung outside on a front doorknob, Santa’s Magic Key is a perfect Christmas Eve tradition for chimney-less households. With a poem to recite and a whimsically-designed key that only works for Santa and his entry, this is an exciting new practice to make Christmas even more magical.

In keeping with spreading the magic, we’ve also released a vintage-inspired hinged box containing reindeer feed. Perfect for crafting around the table with the whole family, simply mix the glitter feed with oats to be sprinkled on a lawn to attract Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve.

It’s never too late to start a new family tradition, and these styles are perfect to spark the wonder and excitement that make Christmas so special. And of course, this is just the beginning for our new interactive styles, as we have much more to come for 2019!

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