PBK Is Still Serving Up Sizzlin’ Products

With Labor Day just around the corner, you might be feeling a bit blue at the thought of summer winding down. Many things change with the seasons, from new back-to-school schedules to weather shifts to fashion trends, but while the temperatures may be cooling, our products have really turned up the heat!  

To remind you of the hot days and balmy nights of summer, consider integrating our collection featuring Pantone’s Color(s) of the year: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (a cheery yellow), which, together, are meant to inspire strength for today and hope for tomorrow. This is why we’ve incorporated them into a variety of products for you to use in your daily life—items that can be displayed in your home or on your person.

Pillows, box signs, and kitchen towels add personality to any room in your home. And colorfully woven scarves and box sign style beanies feature woven details and embroidered accents that will have everyone talking. Our scarves even coordinate with our pet bow ties and bandanas, so you can match your furry friends for a perfectly paw-lished look.

Make saving money fun with our new Bank & Sock sets! These sets feature a variety of sentiments incorporating our box sign style text on a bank featuring glass windows so you can watch as your savings grow. And each bank comes with a coordinating pair of socks to keep your feet warm in the process. So, whether you’re saving for a wedding, vacation, or house, there’s a beautiful set waiting just for you. 

Like many people, you might find yourself spending more time at home lately. So, why not keep your space better organized with our on-trend desk sets that can be used on and off the clock? With a variety of designs, everyone can find a set to help organize all your necessary items like pencils, notebooks, and folders! 

It’s never too late to start thinking about fall and the holiday season. We’ve broadened our selection of fall and Christmas items so now there’s even more décor to choose from! New scarves, pet bandanas, and pet bow ties feature coordinating seasonal colors for a fashionable look. Trendy gnome designs gracing the faces of box signs, ornaments, kitchen towels, and more. And you can’t have the blues when you’re looking at our new blue watercolor Christmas collection, featuring holiday greens with calming blue tones for a cool holiday aesthetic. 

As always, there is so much more to be found in our 2021 Supplement Catalog and we hope it will inspire you to join us in continuing to look forward to brighter days ahead. And remember, summer might be winding down, but our décor is still as hot as ever. 

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