PBK Buffet Day!

Buffet-Day-8Food is the universal language that brings us all together. To share a meal with someone is to share in the loving environment in which it was created. Food can act as a vessel for understanding and creates a hospitable hand welcoming recipients into one’s personal life and culture. All guards go down when food is on the table, and that is why it creates a warm atmosphere of togetherness. The reality is simple, no matter the small differences we may bear, at the end of the day, we all have to eat!

Every month here at the corporate offices of PBK, we hold a buffet day where we invite employees to bring in a themed dish to share with coworkers in a pot-luck style gathering. It is a great team building experience, and everyone seems to absolutely love it! There is always a huge variety of dishes: some local favorites and some surprisingly delectable foreign fares! It is a great time where ideas and recipes are shared and we stuff ourselves to our hearts content!

Check out the excitement below!

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