November’s PBK WOW

WOWI am a store owner in Utah and have loved working with your company. Great people, great product and lots of it 🙂  Two weeks ago I was gearing up for one of two “Harvest Moon” celebrations.  An order I had placed, had somehow gotten lost.  I made calls, PBK made calls and nothing could be found.  It seemed my items would not make it in time for the celebration.  Most companies would stop there, offer a flimsy apology and be done with it, but not PBK.

I don’t know how, but Charlene, Holly, Megan and Beth got the job done, my stuff made it in time and I felt like I mattered as a customer.  I’m just a small shop owner and the amount of customer service I received was extraordinary.  Every effort was made to soothe my rattled nerves, “poor” attitude and reassure me that everything that could be done, was being done.

Thank you for over the top service and extra efforts made.  You are the BEST!!!!!!
You will definitely hear from me soon with another order 🙂


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