Kathy Answers A Question About… Product Sayings

2015C-Funny-Shot003How do you come up with all your sayings on your product?

I work hard to build the product line on sentiment that is not often seen in the marketplace.  The content comes from various places.  I have several writers that send me their contributions periodically.  Our inside sales team keeps a “customer suggestion” spreadsheet where they gather all of your suggestions.  My mom sends me postings she sees on the web that she feels are fitting, as well as my own perusal of the web. I compile all these on a big master list and choose my favorites each season for the new launch.

Many times I can predict which ones will be the new “home runs”, but sometimes they surprise me.  The surprise of this season was the new dish towel in the “LOL Made You Smile” line by Nicole & Johnny;  the second best selling NEW dish towel this season is the #26951 “Silence is golden unless you have children, then silence is suspicious”.    Now, you are probably thinking;  I wonder what was the best selling NEW dish towel was… well, it was the #26949 “Sometimes I open my mouth and my Mother comes out!”.  I knew this one was going to be good as I think we all have those moments when we hear our mother in ourselves!!

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