Characteristics of our Inside Sales Team

Charlene-BigCharacteristics of our Inside Sales Team.

We are so fortunate here at Primitives By Kathy to have such a wonderful Inside Sales team. Our Inside Sales Team includes Partner Account Managers, House Account Representatives, and also our Outside Sales Account Representatives. We are the hub of all Primitives By Kathy communications with our customers. We have so many different avenues of communication such as e-mail, phones, faxes, and Facebook.

In order to give and maintain our WOW service, we must have quintessential characteristics. These characteristics in a team are not only powerful here in our office but also in your own businesses. These characteristics breed success.

    • Patience
      We manage our customer’s questions while we are simultaneously finishing up other tasks or answering another customer via email. Patience, as they say is a virtue and it is needed to help customers in all environments.
    • Expediency
      We strive for efficiency. We do not want to rush through any customer call however; we want to be quick to solve problems. The faster we solve a problem or take care of an order the happier our customer will be. We automate what we can such as reports for best sellers, customer sales, and order entry. We brainstorm, as a group, to find ways to enhance our service with speed and efficiency.
    • Loyalty
      Creating goodwill with our customers goes a long way. We strive for that goodwill not only with our customers but also with each other. We celebrate successes here at PBK from Catalog deadlines to seeing our shipments out the door. Our loyalty program that we introduced to our customers enables us to celebrate their successes and give that little bit extra to them.
    • Continuous Improvement
      Our customers are our guests; we are their host at PBK. Every experience should be a better experience. It is important to have open lines of communication with your team daily. Talk out strategies on different scenarios with your team. It’s all about “how can we do it better”? Offering training on different aspects of the job works wonderfully, you could be surprised at what your employees want to learn.

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