Kathy Answers A Question About…
The Person She Would Like to Have Dinner With

DadIf you could have dinner with anyone
who would it be and why?

If I could have dinner with one choice person it would have to be my father. I have so much to tell him, the dinner would go on for hours and hours. Ben was only 9 years old and Rosie was 6 when Dad took his own life on August 1, 2002. His grandchildren have grown to be such great young adults… I would want to tell him all about their life journey. My work ethic comes from my father. He was successful in his own business and was proud of my beginnings with PBK. I would share with him how PBK has grown to become a much larger company while sustaining a great team culture. I would tell him how much I have missed him being by my side to celebrate the past 13 years of my truly blessed life.

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