Kathy Answers A Question About…
Choosing Employee Benefits

Cool treats in the hot summer for an added benefit to PBK employees

Treats in the summer for an added benefit to PBK employees

Kathy, How do you choose
your employee benefits?

We continually to strive to improve the work experience at Primitives by Kathy. A year ago we initiated our first complete employee survey to assess the benefits that were most important to our associates. Our continuing goal is to build a team who are proud to say “I work at Primitives by Kathy”. So we listened intently and made lots of changes to improve the quality of our work life. Based on the results of that survey, we added Life Insurance, Long and Short Term Disability, Family Fun Day, Vision Care and more affordable Medical Health Care. We recently completed our second employee survey and are anxious to see where we’ve improved and what we need to work on.

In addition to the new benefits, we try to show appreciation for each and every employee on the team. For example, I personally take each department to breakfast or lunch three times each year, we take time to honor our Veterans, we hire Ice Cream Trucks to serve cool treats in the hot summer, and lots of other fun things to make PBK a fun place to work. My drive comes from seeing people succeed, and I enjoy that face time I get with this awesome, growing team!

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