Giftware News Celebrates Primitives by Kathy’s 20th Year

We’re always proud to share our journey, but what makes it even more special is when the industry wants to learn more about and share the incredible story of Kathy Phillips and Primitives by Kathy.

Driven by creative vision and pure entrepreneurial spirit, Kathy has taken an idea and turned it into an industry leading design company of gift and home decor.

Giftware News featured the celebration of our 20th year in their May issue and insight into the story and also a peek behind the scenes of what goes on at Primitives by Kathy to ensure the success of our customers. Read the full article: My How The Have Grown, May 2017, Giftware News  (excerpt below)

One of the fundamental reasons for the success and differentiation of the company, Phillips believes, is that before she was CEO, she was running an art studio she started in partnership with her mother for 10 years beforehand.

“That direct experience of being in our customers’ shoes and understanding their challenges and needs regarding product mix and running a successful operation has provided a valuable perspective for how we do business,” Phillips said. “It is definitely a perspective that has influenced our customer service and practices.”

The company also has a team of experts that work each day to bring the best in service and product design, she added. “In addition, we have our talented artists that lend their own individual and original style to our collections creating a product mix that offers an evolving variety but still possesses common elements that tie everything together to create engaging product stories.”

Phillips’ big-picture goal is always to design products that are ahead of trend, well designed and offered to customers at a marketable price.  (Read more…)


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