Bring your dog day!!! Store Event

DogParticipation in supporting the community is important to PBK!  Earn respect in your community by finding ways to support local entities in need.

As you all know, I am a dog lover and I enjoy supporting local non-profits that have a mission to help unwanted pets find a new loving home!

Host a “Bring your dog day!”  Ask customers to bring their dogs and a donation of pet supplies for the local shelter for an extra discount off their purchases that day!

I am always amazed at how driven customers are by the chance to win something.

  1. Advertise a dog photo contest… have many categories and prizes!  Cutest, ugliest, best look-alike to dog owner, shop-owner’s favorite, etc.
  2. Prepare a printed bag-stuffer reminding all who attended to join your facebook page so they know if they won!
  3. Announced the winners on your facebook page at the close of the event… don’t delay!
  4. Also include on facebook a photo of the pile of pet supply donations you received and thank everyone for helping out in your mission!
  5. Be sure to advertise what the prizes are – could be pre-made baskets of your old-unwanted inventory, discount coupons, or shopping sprees.

The other thing that really draws a crowd is FREE FOOD!  Advertise treats for the dogs and owners too!

  1. Have some dog shaped cookies or cupcakes decorated with paw prints in the icing!
  2. Don’t forget dog treats and a watering station, as well as a camera for taking shots of your four-legged friends!

Giving back to the community will make you feel great and your customers will enjoy participating too!

We have done similar promotions around many other causes in our area. We have worked with the local homeless shelter, they requested toiletries for their guests.  Thanksgiving is a great time to host a similar promotion for donations for the local food bank!

Be sure to call your local non-profit first and see what specific needs they have.

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