Beyond Balloons – Ways to Entice Customers into Your Store

In a sea of storefronts how do you make yours stand out? We’re sharing some of our favorite tips that are both original and easy!

1. Break out the sidewalk chalk
Channel your inner-child and creativity and grab customers attention with artfully drawn arrows and directives on the sidewalk in front of your store!

2. Move your conversation pieces to the front
Ever notice how customers gather and laugh at our LOL towels? Why not put a few in the window with your own sign inviting them into the store to shop more? Products that engage customers on the street with relatable sentiments are the perfect invitation through your door.

3. Plant beautiful seasonal florals and greens
It’s the secret of many of the most successful sidewalk cafés – surround your store with lush greens and bright florals in any season and you’ll stand out. Just be sure to keep up with the flora – nothing is more uninviting than dry flowers or brown pine sprigs.

4. Create a rotating display window
Become the “NYC Macy’s window” in your own town – keep your customers looking forward to what display you’ll come up with next. Keep things original and unexpected by pairing product with props, using natural elements to create an outdoor scene indoors – let your imagination run wild!

5. Create a catchy sign
Taking another que from cafés – a simple 2 sided chalkboard A-frame allows you to hand-letter anything from your favorite quote of the day, simple pleasantries, humorous sentiments– and of course in-store events and specials! Plan your messaging in advance and have fun practicing your designs – chances are you’ll get some snaps and shares on social media – so be sure to include your Instagram #hashtag on your sign!

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