2018 Trend Outlook

In retail you’re always thinking a few seasons in advance – surely now thoughts of heading to market or planning your 2018 product mix are hot on your mind now and holiday season displays have hit the floor. Now is this time to ask “what’s next?”

There are trends that you will want to keep an eye on and work into your store and display stories in 2018. The best part about these trends is that they are easy to transition into complementing product stories that you may already have in store – plus, these new items and styles can open the door to NEW segments and customers.

Small Accessories that show BIG personality – Pins, Patches and Socks!
Small accessories are making a big impact with customers of all age groups in 2018. Not only giftable, these small accessories come in at the perfect price point for customers to purchase in multiples or as add-ons to larger gifts. These accessories breed conversation and engagement at point of sale and are naturally easy “pick ups. The pins, patches and socks resonate with highly sought after millennial customers as well as the lesser talked about Generation Z (ages 14-21) and are a great way to expand your demographic and appeal to a varied audience.

Customers are flocking to these accessories as a way to individualize their look, transforming expected apparel into something unique to them. However, as much as they can create an individual look – they are also used to identify with a shared passion or interest.

When it comes to pins and patches specifically, there is no right or wrong way to wear them – which gives customers so much flexibility. We think it would be great to host an in-store pin and patch placement party where customers could bring in their denim jackets and messenger backs and “shop and stick” right there to create their own look in-store and inspire other shoppers to join in the “flair movement”.

Primitives by Kathy is launching over 100 unique pin and patch designs (with an in-store display that fits easily on a tabletop) and adding to our already 60+ designs of socks in 2018!

Bohemian Influence

This rising macro-trend is collective and curative. The bohemian style rooted in the variety of colors and textures and the way they combine to create truly individual and unique looks in store and in home. Inspired by colors from around the globe – the palette that Primitives by Kathy has selected were artfully selected to pair with each other and other more neutral textures you may already have in store – like hand-woven wall art and macramé. Accents like fringe, poms, and luxe materials add artisan detail to the items.

Natural Wood Textures

Ranging from cooler gray washes to warm honey and natural stains – adding raw edges and unique details to wall art is something that you will see through 2018. Mixing in with neutral paint finishes like cream and gray and can create a farmhouse chic style and these textures pair beautifully with raw steel wall art signs.


Inspired by the simple Nordic design style and lifestyle trend of living a cozy life and practicing self-care – Hygge is an emerging lifestyle trend that includes cozy textures and materials to create the Hygge look in store and in home. Think warm thick luxurious knits, generously sized stoneware mugs and décor that evokes and sense of calm, peace and coziness. We love the idea of creating a Hygge inspired nook in your store where all of these design details come together and create lifestyle inspiration your customer can replicate at home – go the extra step and add some candles to create ambiance and a hot cocoa or tea station and you are set!

Typography and Simple Statement Sentiment
Messaging on décor and gift items has been popular for quite some time – (and we know how much our customers, and their customers love these sentiment gifts!) and that trend is not going anywhere any time soon. A fresh take includes statement sentiment like “COFFEE” or “OUR NEST” that you can find translated through a variety of macro- trends (like bohemian and farmhouse) and product styles (like our velvet pillows, metal art and carved signs). In addition, trending are inspirational sentiments – from personal empowerment to faith based, they also transcend design styles and products to create an offering that resonates. Our recommendation is to create sentiment stories within your displays – and offer a variety if wall décor, textiles and stoneware to give the customers suggested pairings to make their selection process easier and guided.

Botanicals and Florals
Much like the increasing draw towards natural textures – colorful hand-illustrated florals or simple greens and botanical designs are appearing on textiles, bud vases and wall décor. Light, airy and often paired with hand-lettering and hand-drawn patterns – they can easily intermix in spring or summer décor – or the more seasonal take of autumnal florals and holiday greens transition beautifully into seasonal décor.

So now, how to incorporate these trends into your product mix?

Advice when trying a new trend or collection in-store is to ensure that you are investing in telling a full story with your display. It’s common to try something new with only a couple items, however one or two pieces tend to get lost in an existing display– but a mix of varying product types grouped together and styled in an engaging way creates more opportunity for the customer to connect to the pieces. Usually a 2-3 soft goods (pillows + dishtowels), plus a few wall décor or shelf sitters and some stoneware creates a display that offers interest and depth.

We can’t wait to see how you incorporate these trends into your displays – share with us on Instagram using #myPBKdisplay!

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