Spring Has Sprung – Store Promo!

Spring2Bring the feeling of spring into your shop, and set the stage for a refreshing new shopping season!

Take a look at our artist Cathy Heck’s new Spring Collection (pages 334-335 in the 2015 Catalog). These brand-new designs are sure to brighten up your product offerings.

Your local florist has pretty, yet inexpensive white daisies that will bring a touch of early spring. Toss them in a mason jar, and place throughout the store to add a touch of freshness. They last for weeks!

Add excitement involving a mystery discount upon checkout. Craft fun daisy shapes out of construction paper, add a discount to the reverse side of the flower, and tape it face up around your register area. Let a customer choose a flower for their discount, from 10-100% off their bill! Be sure to only mix in one 100% flower, and once chosen, pull that flower from the selection.

You can find inexpensive seed packs at your hardware or grocery store. Place a few in a basket next to your bagging area, and include a pack of seeds with each purchase.

If you make this a weekend event, consider providing your employees with inexpensive t-shirts and self-decorate with felt flowers and glitter.

PUMP the cheerful tunes too!




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