Retail Summer Event Suggestion


Photo above from PBK’s 2014 Ducky Days Store Event

Wow, it’s hard to believe that another summer is upon us. Here at our PBK showroom, the summertime brings long awaited warmth and summertime favorites. One of the things we look forward to in our showroom is the slushy machine. Our customers ask for it all year round. When it comes out of hibernation from the long winter, the joy on our customers’ faces makes it all worth the wait. Some of our favorite flavors are watermelon and mango. This is definitely our favorite perk of summer.

Summer also brings children, and we want to keep them happy while their parents are shopping. We stock up on ice pops and other snacks for them to enjoy. Handing out seasonally themed stickers is always fun, and will turn any trip to the store for the kids a happy one. Think about something simple like bright yellow ducky stickers that the children can look forward to.

When you are thinking about promotions for your store during the summer, be sure to think about everyone that is shopping. We do an event every summer called Ducky Days. On these days we set up a floating pond with yellow rubber duckies. On the bottom of each ducky, we present a discount or a free item such as a “free LOL towel”, “free Candle”, or “choose one item from our large box sign selection”. It doesn’t have to be a large discount; it could be a discount on one item if that works better for you. Our customers enjoy the surprise at the end, and the children have a blast with it. This is something you could do for an event or even incorporate one day a week during the summer. Your customers will catch on and be sure to stop by your store to take advantage of these great deals.

Enjoy your summer! We wish you success with the extra traffic that summer brings!

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